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Biden’s $80 Billion Plan to Boost IRS Collections & Audits

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Joshua Hanna | July 20, 2021

Plan to raise $700 Billion over the next 10 years will have a direct impact on people who have balances held with the IRS.

With the global pandemic causing the federal government to spend trillions in stimulus relief, The Biden Administration has proposed to seriously strengthen the IRS over the next 10 years to offset this gigantic shortfall. Fortunately, the IRS is providing relief programs to taxpayers who take the initiative to solve their tax problems before such action is taken.

With close to 12 million citizens owing taxes to the IRS, experts are not convinced that Biden’s plan only targets “billionaires and corporate tax cheats”. The proposal seeks to boost enforcement staffing, technology, and additional bank reporting for all divisions of the IRS, big or small.

A recent national taxpayer advocate report found the IRS only answers 24% of its calls. Furthermore, once linked to the IRS, taxpayers are unsure where to start or what program to request.

Taxpayers, who are eligible for these tax relief programs are urged to check to swiftly reduce their tax liabilities.

President & CEO of Tax Network USA Michael-Tod Trzaska stated:

“It is always better to have a qualified tax specialist or team to negotiate your tax problems”. He then added “If you don’t know the code, they will take advantage of you. They are not your friends”.

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