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Tax Network USA, the nation’s fastest growing tax relief firm, is inviting you and your firm to join our Affiliates Program!
As a member of our Affiliates Program, you can refer your clients who owe back taxes and are in need of tax resolution services. You will also receive a referral fee that is equal to a percentage of what we bill to the client.
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    About Us

    Tax Network USA is a full-service tax resolution firm which specializes in assisting clients with managing tax matters with the IRS or State Revenue Departments. Our priority is offering first-class customer service and relieving the taxpayer of the burden of taking on the most powerful collections agency in the United States. In doing so, we provide peace of mind as the advocate for the client. We offer a significant reduction in time, money, and frustration throughout the process.

    Our team has over one hundred and fifty years of combined experience, and the firm holds membership with both the National Association of Enrolled Agents and the National Association of Tax Preparers. Additionally, we are A+ rated with the Better Business Bureau. We’re listed as a Top 5 organization on We are not only licensed to practice in all 50 states, but we can also represent taxpayers living abroad.

    What We Do

    As a comprehensive tax resolution firm, we offer a full suite
    of services to clients who are seeking tax relief:

    Tax Law

    Why You Need Us

    Tax Network USA understands that dealing with the IRS and State Revenue Departments can be an intimidating and overbearing process, even for experienced CPAs, accountants, and tax preparers. If you have clients who need immediate attention due to back taxes, or if you simply would prefer to focus on areas of your business that need more attention, we are here to help.

    Our Affiliates Program offers you the following benefits:

    • • No more time spent on hold with the IRS or State, saving up to 2-3 Hours in hold time per call.
    • • Avoid being part of the 76% of unanswered calls to the IRS.
    • • No more lengthy forms or appeals to complete.
    • • No more pressing deadlines.
    • • Avoid dealing with aggressive treasury officers.
    • • No more frantic client phone calls regarding IRS or State notices.
    • • Free up clients cash flow through releasing levies and garnishments.
    • • More time for your firm to concentrate on its core business, such as tax preparation and/or bookkeeping.
    • • Passive income via referral fees, payable to your firm, for each client referred.

    Your time as a tax preparer is valuable, so take advantage of our ability to effectively manage this process for you and the client. You’ll be glad you did!
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    The Resolution Process - For Affiliates

    By referring clients who require tax resolution services to Tax Network USA, you will receive a referral fee that is equal to a percentage of the fee we bill to the client.

    Functionally, there are two options available as the referrer. Joint responsibility, where we collaborate with you an your firm to seek resolution for the taxpayer, or proportionate services where Tax Network USA unertakes the full burden of guiding and representing the client through the resolution process.

    Regardless of which option you choose, you will be utilizing our expertise in dealing with IRS and State collections. Allowing you to manage your time and focus on billable hours more efficiently. Before you know it, your clients tax case will be resolved, all while increasing your revenues and profits!
    Tax Law

    The Resolution Process - For Clients

    Once the client has been recommended by an affiliate and agrees to the services provided, all parties sign a form recommending the client and disclosing the consent fee. Tax Network USA will file a Declaration of Representatives with the IRS and/or State Tax Revenue Departments involved.

    Once our declaration is accepted, this will allow our office to request transcripts, reports, or collection appeals while we resolve the tax issue. Because our practice has a dedicated pin with the IRS, our average hold time is 2 minutes. This allows us to work in a much more efficient way to solve the client's tax problems.

    The resolution process will start when the financial statements are collected and properly submitted to the IRS or the State Revenue Department. Tax Network USA has a comprehensive team designed to outperform the IRS or State Revenue Department. Whether negotiations or appeals are needed, we will fight to resolve the tax issue in the clients’ best interests.

    Once a resolution is achieved and the tax problem is resolved, you can continue to serve the client for accounting and tax preparation needs.

    Over $500 Million Saved.

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